Monday, 8 December 2014

November Favourites!

So it's that time of month, where I can talk about the things that I have been loving throughout the month of November.

Rimmel scandaleyes flex mascara -£6.99. I haven't really heard any bloggers or YouTubers go on about this mascara but from my opinion its the best mascara I've had, it gives you volume and soft looking lashes it even gives you that length to make your eyes look bigger and awake. This is the mascara that I have been reaching out for the most.

Garnier micellar cleansing water- £4.99. This cleansing water has done wonders for me, its cleared up my skin so much, it just gets rid of the excess makeup that is left on your skin. I've been using this cleanser for about a month and i can truly say that it is amazing!

No 7 stay perfect foundation - £14.50. The No 7 foundation just gives you a natural finish nothing to cakey just 'perfect'. With no 7 you can get a skin test done to see which foundation matches your skin tone as I find with foundation that i cant go for high street foundation as they are either too light or too dark. but again I have been loving this foundation throughout this month.

Daisy dream - £32-£69.50. Marc Jacobs do an amazing range of perfumes. I have the daisy dream one and it's just a fresh floral scent, but as it is Eau Du toilette i probably spray it one-twice a day because the smell doesn't last long but I've just been loving this scent - its just so fresh for the winter months.

Harry potter and the philosopher's stone - So as I have seen all the harry potter films, I thought I should read the books so I've started from the first film and I can definitely say it is a lengthy book but they are just good as the films but they do have different beginnings, but its still one of my favs. You can get the harry potter books from any book shops.

H&M Scarf - This scarf has kinda been my statement of clothing in November its just that type of clothing that you can throw over anything and just go with what ever you're wearing. It's a thin soft material with black patterns all over. (I couldn't find a link for this scarf)

Finally is a music favourite and it has been say something by Karen Harding. I just find this such a catchy song to sing to and listen to. I think I have played this song way to much that's how catchy it is.

what have you been loving in November?

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