Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Dealing with it

Hello my fellows human, yes yes I know I have been off my blog for a looonng time and I really want to get back into blogging again.

So I thought why not write about something about "dealing with it" you're probably thinking what on earth are you trying to say and one thing is anxiety or "having a guard up"

Anxiety for one, many people go through but dont show it and within some people, it is hard to spot because; we, you , me, put on such a front that when it comes to anxiety or even knowm as a panic attack, people just dont know how to respond.
Some of you think its the quiet ones that struggle with it but in hine sight the loud ones struggle too.

Insert story time
So I thought I'd share a little story with yous, because yano sharing is caring.
So recently on a night out meeting someone for the first time can be daunting, but really it can exciting at the same time .
Feeling like you just dont know how to act or how to speak, you feel like your gonna say all the wrong things, but in fact your not! It just feels like your mind is doing 100 an 1 things at one time.
Anyhow being in a room and getting so hot, I needed to step out for fresh air, and needed a moment and for any of you reading this, and this has happened to you just tell yourself that this is a-ok and you need a moment even a breather.

What im trying to say is that further down the line, dont let it stop you from doing things that may be out your comfort zone.
It comes down to the fact that when we also overthink too much (defo me). We think of the things that could go wrong instead of going right!
which isnt easy because you get the "stop overthinking" or " you overthink it too much" but in stead of saying this to someone just take a step back say/do something that would help them like "everything will be ok" or "do you need help" trust me those words can make such a difference to many people

Its normal to feel anxious. but one thing I would say is dont keep it inside you tell someone a loved one your close friend or family because at the end of the day you are, surrounded by people that care for you , but speaking to someone about it is hard I know for sure!.
Not everyone will understand but finding the right on will just having someone to off load on makes such a difference.

Its some situations, that make you over think, it tends to lead to another thing. You lose control of your breathing, sweaty palms or even just going really really quiet. These are just some of the signs!

"Having anxiety is like fighting something everyday that wont go but it's not a weakness. Living with anxiety, turning up and doing stuff takes pure Strength most will never know!"

If that loved one tells you a story sometimes you don't have to respond.
They just need to release and let it out and if you cry that's OK . We all cry, and that's normal

It will be hard but everything will be OK!

let me know what you think this is something different from the usual
This is the ones trying to deal with anxiety or any mental health issue lets make it more aware!

Kiri x

Friday, 16 September 2016

I'm off again

Holiday part 2

Planning a holiday is not easy
however planning it with a cousin is so easy, when you both dont mind where you go, as long you both have a good time and we both definitely did!.

We had a choice between Thailand and Dubai and we just couldn't decide.
so you may ask which one? the thing is how did we decide . Well...... writing them both on a piece of paper and placing it in a bowl and me having to pick one. and what was it ? it was DUBAIIIII

The first long flight that I have been on. and by long I mean 8 hour long.

Arriving in Dubai early morning, as it was a night flight, and the first thing I wanted to do was sleep. As I dont know if you guys have the problem but I just cant sleep on planes properly? especially when the person in front reclines their chair so far back that you have no leg room.

The first thing stepping off the plane was "omg the heat" it was crazy the time we were out there is was around 37-40 degrees , but after a few days we got used to it. However it was very humid.

If your not one for the heat this isn't the best time to go, however everywhere I mean everywhere is air-conditioned the rooms cars restaurants shopping malls anywhere you name it!

Arriving at our hotel after about an hours drive from the airport. I couldn't believe how beautiful this place was and of course after a nap, it was time for the pool.
we were fooled as this pool didn't have normal cloreen water (it was salt water) once it went on your mouth, our facial expressions looked like we just ate a whole lemon, but they did have 3 other pools. not all of them are salt water the adult ones are normal.

Day 2:
Having breakfast on the first day was insane it was like a buffet breakfast everything from toast to pancakes, fruit egg anything you name it 
As our hotel has a concierge desk it was so helpful when booking things in Dubai (a rep from the airline)
So on the second day we decided to do the safari trip and of course we did the quad bikes aswell and for one i kept getting stuck its harder than you think.
with the safari trip you get to ride around the dessert but you have a specific driver who does this and knows how to as we saw a lot of drivers that kept getting stuck. for this one if you not a fan of really fast ride this isn't really the one it can make you feel a bit sick and towards the end, and I must admit it did make me feel a bit sick.

Towards the evening we went to this place which is called the Dubai leisure? its all included with the safari desert trip, so here we were able to have a mini camel ride, food. shisha and henna they also put on a little show for use with a fire breather and many more .

Day 3:
We didn't do much on this day except topping up our tan and spending the day by the pool, as the hotel had its own beach we sat by the sea.( And for one I'm definitely sure I touched something in there felt a bit like a jellyfish?)  oh and not forgetting a cheeky slushy

Day 4: City Tour
I think this was one of my favourite things that we done whilst we were out in Dubai.
Within this tour we kinda go to see the whole of Dubai and i definitely think its worth it 
so we had to be ready early morning in time for breakfast and we left around 9 ish?

The tour included going to the gold shops and the food markets
We tasted the strangest things from camels milk sweets which tasted like smarties and not forgetting the spices which was insane on how many there were.
not forgetting seeing the 7* hotel and having lunch in a 5* one

We saw everything from the burj khalif which we were able to go in up to the 64 floor I believe and taking the lift was mad it takes not even 60s to go that high and you know when your high up when your ears start to feel funny.
dubai mall - we had time to do a bit of shopping before we headed back and as the center had an aquarium we thought why not and to think that a shopping center as an aquarium crazy right!

Towards the evening we got to see the fountain show which was amazing!!! and also the cannon for ifta which i believe is when the sun sets and its a sign of breaking their fast until the next day? (i could be wrong)

Day 5:
Musandam - Oman boat trip
Now one of the guys from our tour group mentioned this to us and said it was amazing and definitely worth it.
and they certainly weren't wrong. we got to go snorkeling in the most clearest water ever.
you get given flippers and the snorkels and still if your not the greatest swimmer its all good, there is someone there to help.

When we were in the water we were able to feed the fishes and as we went to two different areas one lot ate bananas and the other bread and if you really liked fish you could put the banana in your mouth and they would come and eat it which one person did.

oh and if you do, do snorkeling make sure you dont get the water in your mouth because I swear I must've gulped a load and eww was it grose it was so salty. 
we were lucky enough to see the dolphins ever a whole family started swimming nexts to us

Day 6:
second to last day 
This is the biggest water park ever that I know , its filled with so many slides and the scariest one has the biggest drop even I was scared to go on it
Towards the evening we just done a bit of shopping and had the nicest (is that a word) chinese ever I was literally in heaven
If any of you are in Dubai go to Mirdiff city center it's near wild wadi and the place is called p.f changs
we also tried the most weirdest popcorn cheddar cheese and jalapeno pepper

Day 7: 
Home time
as much as we wanted to stay it was time to head home (sad face)

kiri x

Monday, 22 August 2016



A weekend trip away is always needed however this was a surprise trip for one of my best friends for her birthday 

Now I'm all one for surprises but keeping a secret for more than 3 weeks I should say, was a little tough but worth it.

On her birthday I gave her notes in a jar for example: you'll need your sunnies because it's going to be sunny. 
Or you might need some euros of you want some churros. 

Now she didn't have a clue whatsoever.
Rolling on giving her hints up until the day. things like its a place somewhere in Europe and giving her things of what she'll be needing. whether it'd be flip flops or dresses

Saturday morning:
Leaving at 2 o'clock in the morning was a killer but at this point all she know was that she was going to the airport baring in mind she still doesn't have a clue where she is going.
finally going through all the security check and walking towards the gate. "WE'RE GOING MADRID"!

Here's a few pictures from my trip

 on the first day we decided to do a bit of shopping and omg was this primark huge its the size of a shopping center itself with I think 4 floors? crazy right

After all the shopping of course, it was time for food and choosing from so many different restaurants it was hard. finally choosing one after about 15 minutes
This restaurant was cute however we did have some mis-haps anyway moving on you all know that Spain is known for there tapas, however reading a menu when it's in Spanish and you have no idea what you're ordering was, I suppose being adventurous .
Today was all about taking a tour of the town. What a better way to do it was SEGWAY and omg was it fun. I definitely recommend anyone going to Madrid to do segway tour you get to see everything from the palace to side streets with small cafe, dainty shops even the first ever bakery.

Art museum time!! and dont get me wrong if you love museums you will enjoy it.
this museum was about 3 floors? I think? And yes we got lost in the museum I have no idea how but we were trying to find the way out
 dinner of course was the best part as it was piellaaaa night and of course a glass of sangria or 2

Our last night in madrid we just spent chilling by the pool and doing any last minute shopping that we wanted to do and the best thing was that it was a night flight .
Safe to say none of us got injured except from the Segway tour were we crashed into each other.

part 2 of my trips coming up..............