Monday, 22 August 2016



A weekend trip away is always needed however this was a surprise trip for one of my best friends for her birthday 

Now I'm all one for surprises but keeping a secret for more than 3 weeks I should say, was a little tough but worth it.

On her birthday I gave her notes in a jar for example: you'll need your sunnies because it's going to be sunny. 
Or you might need some euros of you want some churros. 

Now she didn't have a clue whatsoever.
Rolling on giving her hints up until the day. things like its a place somewhere in Europe and giving her things of what she'll be needing. whether it'd be flip flops or dresses

Saturday morning:
Leaving at 2 o'clock in the morning was a killer but at this point all she know was that she was going to the airport baring in mind she still doesn't have a clue where she is going.
finally going through all the security check and walking towards the gate. "WE'RE GOING MADRID"!

Here's a few pictures from my trip

 on the first day we decided to do a bit of shopping and omg was this primark huge its the size of a shopping center itself with I think 4 floors? crazy right

After all the shopping of course, it was time for food and choosing from so many different restaurants it was hard. finally choosing one after about 15 minutes
This restaurant was cute however we did have some mis-haps anyway moving on you all know that Spain is known for there tapas, however reading a menu when it's in Spanish and you have no idea what you're ordering was, I suppose being adventurous .
Today was all about taking a tour of the town. What a better way to do it was SEGWAY and omg was it fun. I definitely recommend anyone going to Madrid to do segway tour you get to see everything from the palace to side streets with small cafe, dainty shops even the first ever bakery.

Art museum time!! and dont get me wrong if you love museums you will enjoy it.
this museum was about 3 floors? I think? And yes we got lost in the museum I have no idea how but we were trying to find the way out
 dinner of course was the best part as it was piellaaaa night and of course a glass of sangria or 2

Our last night in madrid we just spent chilling by the pool and doing any last minute shopping that we wanted to do and the best thing was that it was a night flight .
Safe to say none of us got injured except from the Segway tour were we crashed into each other.

part 2 of my trips coming up..............

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