Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Going grey

It's that time where everyone wants something different, a new look and new you for the summer 

Going grey it's probably the most longest Change I've done. 
Now for me I'm super fussy on my hair and who does it and coming from a hairdresser myself knows the pain of having your hair done wrong. 

Having so many changes from having really long hair to having it all chopped off. Too red to brown to copper. 

Looking for inspiration on Pinterest is the one, and I mean you can looking for anything you want! From bedroom ideas to nail art.
But looking for hair changes and looks I thought why not, to going GREY!.
I knew it was going to be a hard process because my hair is sooo dark but it was worth a try, lifting it from 5 to a base of a 10 which is a light blonde shade, to be able to achieve the colour, I wanted took time and patiences.

As you can see my as my hair was getting longer the colour was growing out so it was definitely time for a change .

But going grey like I said is a long process but I think in the end it'll definitely be worth it, however my hair went blue which I didn't mind I was all for a change but, I needed to re strip it and make it blonde.

So I would say it took about 2 tries but we are getting there because my hair is so stubborn it just wasn't taking the colour .
But now it's more of an ashy blonde we are slowly getting there (whoop whoop) 

Let me know what crazy colour you would love to go ?

Kiri x

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