Monday, 23 March 2015

Blackpool weekend

Blackpool is the most quietest place I ever been but it was so good.

I recently went to Blackpool with my college as the level 3s (hairdressing) had a competition up there. The competition is for hairdressers up and down the uk who compete in different categories, they vary from hair up to a cut and blow dry also fantasy looks and the drags.

We stayed near the beach and was honestly so nice the day before me and my friends went to the Blackpool dungeons (was just about to write London) as I hadn't been to the London dungeons all my friends knew what it would be like, it was so good but scary! However we weren't allowed to take any pictures (sad face) but for you who haven't been to the dungeons I definitely say its worth going 

Day 2
Competition day! 
Today was the day where we got to see all the hairdressers compete, it was amazing to see what people can do with hair . I think there were 26 different categories I know a lot right!

Here a few pictures of what it's like:

Kiri x

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