Sunday, 14 February 2016

Day trip to portsmouth

So you can probably tell this is a different post from my usual beauty but as I do include some lifestyle I thought why not and do a little post about my trip to Portsmouth.

Now I'm all in for last minute trips. So for my friends birthday we were, originally going to go to Brighton, however that fell through so last minute we decided on Portsmouth. It was a little road trip something different from the usual London trips.

I would say, it was roughly a 2 hour drive and yes when we got then it was sooo windy I could have got blown away, and you know when the wind hits you so hard that you cant breathe? yep that's how windy and cold it was. But I must say it was an amazing day out!

As Portsmouth have outlet stores the first one we had to go to was calvin klein and yes I had to get something. I just got one of their black underwear and honestly they are so comfy.
We must've gone in to every shop but not forgetting cadbury's, now I must admit I bad when it comes to chocolate but hey once in a while is alright(cheeky smile).
While in cadbury I got their dairy milk and wispa biscuits , they were just heaven in a pack!

Spinnaker Tower was so scary to go up but the view was amazing!
I think we were about 350 ft up but don't hold me to that one. Otherwise I can say we were very high up.
The weather wasn't the best but watching the rain drip down and looking out at the view just took me for a moment and made me so calm.
This arty picture has to be credited to one of my friends, at that point I didn't even realised she was taking a picture.

Last thing of the day before we headed back home was food! and yes it had to be wagamamas, who doesn't love wags. When it comes to food I can be indecisive - just never know what to get but I went for the chicken ramen? I don't really go for soup dishes but this wasn't that bad.
(oh and a cheeky green tea)

If you follow me on Instagram then you would've seen a few pictures that I had posted from the day.

Kiri x

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