Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Giving my hair

Giving my hair? what? yes me, i cut my hair and gave it to the little ones that need it more!

If you follow me on Instagram if not @kiri_a2 you see in picture that my hair is long and i mean super long nearly at the bottom of my back. I know crazy right.

I never usually go short because last time i did i missed my long hair. This time i felt i wanted something different, i knew that it would grow back anyway. But for me this was a big step going from long to short.

So i had it cut and gave it to The Little Princess Trust - i did a some research and thought this would be an amazing idea giving it to kids that have cancer/suffering from hair loss ( the hair that i give will be turned into a wig).

Here's a few pictures of the before and after
There was roughly 8-9 inches cut off!

I got it cut about 1 week ago and i'm loving my new style, I was a tad scared to get it cut this short, I even said after I got it cut to my hairdresser I thought I wouldn't like it but I do, as it was a huge step going from long to extra short!
 (all creds go to her!) 

The collage from my Instagram of the before and after
Comment below if you have any questions about getting yours cut or if your thinking of giving it to the charity too :)

Kiri x


  1. What a lovely idea it is so thoughtful. Your hair looks amazing shorts as well.

  2. hii!! i love what u did with your hair, and its amazing that u had given it to the charity :D
    Also I've nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award! Read about it on my blog here ;)

    1. hey thank you and i'll check it out :) x

  3. That is alot but for a good cause, right? The shorter hairdo looks very fresh!

    1. it was indeed and thank you :) x