Wednesday, 26 August 2015

D.I.Y Open when letters

Looking for idea for presents always is a task but i was looking through pinterest and came across these open when letters. I thought this was such a cute idea that whoever your making them for could keep them forever

How to make them you say? 
There are loads of different ideas to make here's a list of ideas that I used that could help you
Open when:
1.You're happy/having a good day (I put this two together as they both kinda meant the same thing) 
2.You're having a bad day
3.It's your birthday 
4.You're bored 
5.You can't sleep 
6.You need motivation 
7.It's your wedding day 
8.You need a hug 
9. It's your first at at uni 
10.When you graduate 
11.when you want to reminisce 

I did about 15 open when letters but you can do as many as you want.

What you'll need:
Coloured pens 
Lined paper 
Things to put inside (extra) 

With each of these letters I added little quotes pictures and postcards anything that would mean something to the letter idea 

As I've listed pattern paper this is to make your envelop:
this is how i made mine:

Start off with the paper in diamond shape, and all you want to do is fold it in half across and then upwards and just press in the middle so that'll give you a guide.

Now you can see in the middle there is a line all you want to do next, is just fold the two sides in so its meets at the line and press down.
 Open it back up.
All you want to do is create two small triangles show in the picture and again fold
The just fold the two side back in.
So once you've folded the sides in, take the bottom half and bring it upwards.
When bringing the bottom half upwards you want to make sure that the top inner corner of the side flap starts to meet the triangle.
(now press down )
Once that's in place now all you want to do is fold the small triangle inwards, so it starts to look like and envelope
Now just fold the top triangle down.... and there we have it, your very own envelope

Nope we haven't finished yet.

Open it back up, now this is where the glue comes in. All you want to do is glue all the triangles down.
Finally fold the sides back in and just glue the corners where I'm pointing to.
Also just take it a little up so its secure when you fold it.
 And there we have it a finished Diy open when letter envlope - with the flap you can either tuck it in, but for me I got these cute stickers and used to hold it down
Last but not least I put everything inside a box.
With the envelopes I just tied a ribbon around, to hold them altogether which I think looks super cute.
So there we have it your very own DIY open when letters
I really hope you like this post

Let me know if you've tired this cute little idea as a gift

Kiri x

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