Thursday, 19 November 2015

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Hello my fellow bloggers/readers how's your day going?

Now this is a really different post for me to write but I've just seen it a lot around the Ytuber/blogger/viewer community do you know what it is ....... That's right hate.

I was going to write in the notes and post it on Twitter but I thought why not write a post about it I know I know it's not beauty or fashion related but It has to be said (happy face)

I'm gonna try and keep this post not too long hopefully I won't rant too much 

But recently I watched one of gabbys videos, and if you don't know who she is ...then you should
One thing that plays on my mind is hate, I just don't understand why she gets hate you can see that she puts so much effort and pride into her videos, yet someone will have something nasty to say she's just a human being, so what if she's doing something she loves (this goes to other fellow ytubers/bloggers :)) when you see them cry you just want to give them a hug.

I just think before you feel like writing a harsh comment or think ew why've they done that, just think if YOU were in that position, how would you feel. So many people think oh there just behind a camera or a blog but they do have feelings, and they do have a life and they're just going about their day to day life, like a normal human being.

What if I don't like it? 
If you don't like what someone produced (is that the right word) whether it's a makeup video or and fashion post dont read or watch it. Just take a step back or (shuffle back if your sitting down) and think of you. If you were on the other side and someone posted a horrible comment just think how would you feel? Would you like it? If you answer if NO then don't say it.

When watching YouTube videos of people that I've watched for ages even years and I've seen that some comments break friendships, which isn't a nice thing to see but on the otherside you can see that those people(youtubers,bloggers,vloggers) are stronger than what people say, they can see whatever people may say about them or whatever rumor they try to spread ...... it wont work!

Sometimes you just have to realise that we, you, me everyone will make mistakes and we will learn from them its just part of life.
Not everyone is perfect, not everyone has the perfect life,If you do I'm jealous. Because day by day there is always something, we have to overcome...

I know this is really different- something short, but I just wanted to share it
Just be YOU be true and don't say post a comment or even say things that you wouldn't like people to say   to you!

Kiri x

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