Tuesday, 1 December 2015

November favourites

Hi guys,

Wait what's that you say?
Yep it's that time of the month again .... Favorites time!

Seriously where has this year gone, its gone too fast and am i the only one who hasn't started their Christmas shopping yet ? i know i know it's bad but im on it (chessy grin)

ooo what shall i start off with makeup or beauty ..... makeup it is

 My love for this product... why did no one tell me sooner?. This benefit hoola bronzer is honeslty amazing, it just gives a really natural finish. I use this for both, for a slight contour and bronze. I actually got this in the sale, on Asos which I can't fault cause everyone loves a deal?
One of the things I love about this is it comes with a small brush, ideal for getting that contour look also, it's easy on the go so you don't have to take a brush with you.

These two little beauts of lip products one is rimmel Kate lipstick in the shade 107 and the other is topshop in black widow. And not forgetting the lip liner from maybelline in the shade 540 Hollywood red. 

The lip liner is the perfect match for the lipstick 107.
With these two lipsticks, I first apply the 107 and the lip liner then go over with the topshop black widow, and all I do is just dab it on and it just creates a perfect winter berry shade.
You can either leave them by themselves i usually do this with the 107 cause i feel the purple one is too daring, but for me i do like to mix up the shades to create a slight dark berry look.

Ooo talking of berry shades this is the rimmel lasting finish nail varnish in the shade black cherries 
I was a tad upset that my Essie nail varnish had nearly finished so I was trying to hunt around in my nail varnish collection to see if I could find a similar shade, and yes I found one.
This type of colour, is my go to. Even though I have other colours,I will still go back to this one. 
(Writing this post remind me I need to go and get an Essie one)

Perfume you say? 
Yep this diesel loverdoes perfume is my all time favourite scent, it's a very sweet musky smell. You only need a few sprits as it is a strong scent.
The scent for me is long lasting, however during the day i do like to use it just for a freshen up, one thing i love about it aswell you can just pop in your handbag and you're good to go.

Next is this body lotion in Pink chiffon from bath and body works, I actually got this from my secret santa from work from last year which I still don't know who got me it.(sad face)
 But anyway this body lotion is so sweet smelling you can smell it from a mile of, when i apply it my sister always knows its me and she can tell that I have used this product because its a strong smell
Your can tell how much I have loved this product it's nearly gone!
It also has Shea and vitamin e in which is also on the plus side leaving your skin really soft
I wish we did bath and body works in the uk! 

I guess you could call these last two random favourites.
First off is postcards, i love post cards I dont know what it is about them, some have meanings, and some are just too cute. I get these postcards from paper chase, and I believe they are 70p.

Your can either give them to friends or family and wrtie little messages on the back, but with these I like to hang them up as i have a photo line so I just like to put them on there, even put them around my desk. I just feel  it adds a little something.
I also have one that says :' your oyster is your world' which was too cute(shall i say) not to get.

Last but not least its a canddlle.
Honestly i love candles yankee candels, scented ones,christmas ones you name it.
This candle I actually got from, one of my friends for my birthday. It just comes in the cutest tin, this candle is sweet smelling and by the name of this tin, it must be what fairy dust smells like but if you see these candels in shop- i know you can get them from john lewis places like that. Go a have a smell because to me it smells like heaven,
when buying candles if your that type of person that buys a candle and when it come to burning it, it doesnt really smell of anything?, this one makes the whole room smell of sweets ,I'm deffienly going to see what other ones they have in the range.

This is what the inside looks like when its lit (can someone help me out and tell me what sweets these look like, I've been trying to think but nothings coming to mind). It's crazy how much ive been burning this candle and there still a whole thing left and that one thing I love about this candle,it'll last you ages!

What are your favourite chrismas candles? or even all time ones I'd love to know

Kiri x

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