Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Festive Room Ideas

Now usually I don't really decorate my room for Christmas, i normally do everywhere else.
This year I thought why not and get really festive.

Here are some of the thing I decided to use to get me all festive for Christmas

Tinsel- tinsel is one of them you can put it anywhere and everywhere but with me I've just hung it across my wall and around my bed

Another one is fairryyyy lights! I've been looking for fairy lights for a long time, but I've finally found some. These ones I got are from primark for about £6 i think it was and they are just sooo cute. As I have a photo line I just drape it on there, I feel it makes the room even more cosy.

I'm definitely going to be getting some more of this lights.

I know this one isn't a room idea but it's clothing, and its Pjs.
Pjs i think are the one to get all festive there are so many shops that do christmassy ones from: M&S, Tesco, Primark, New look etc etc
But these ones have to be my favourite these are Disney ones with mickey mouse on I just think primark are the ones for Christmas, they probably have everything you need!
How ever I did get some new ones from H&M and they are super comfy!

Last on is Bedding . You can get really christmassy bedding from primark again.
they do some many from pola bears with snow flakes to patterned one with stags on, but however I didn't get any, as the material of the bed sheets wasn't that great. hopefully I can find somewhere else that has festive one otherwise I may have to go back and get them .

I would love to know how you get all festive for christmas.

Kiri x

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