Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Urban Decay Naked Palette

So as you can tell I'm back to blogging, sorry I haven't posted in a while I've been ill and busy with work and college. 
I was going to do an empties post but, I think I'm a little late, soo I though why not talk about the urban decay naked palette.

This palette is insane! Now I know why people hype over the naked palettes.
I got this as a christmas gift from one of my friends, so again thank you niamh :)
But anways rolling on...

So first of all can we just take a moment to appreciate the packaging I mean like *insert eye heart emoji*
There are 12 shades in this palette ranging from cool pinks to more warm goldeny colours, also coming with a two sided brush which finally an eyeshadow palette does not come with the sponge ones- you know what I mean the one two flat sponges either side? Those ones. When using this palette for the first time I generally didn't know which colours to use first.

I must say that one thing I love about this eye shadow palette is how pigmented it is, when using this urban decay eyeshadow palette, I've noticed that you don't need a lot of product, which with a lot of eye shadow palettes you have to keep dabbing the brush in, but this one is just one word, amazing!.
You can see from the swatches I've taken how pigmented the colours are.
The swatches are Sin, Half Baked and Smog.

From my point of view I cant say anything bad about this product then It's too good to use!

I can now see why everyone love these naked palettes, I think I might look more into the range.

What are you favourite urban decay products?

Kiri x

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