Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas lush haul

"Christmas Time, lush haul and bath time"?

Who else gets excited when lush bring out their Christmas range? well you can tell I went a bit overboard with the things I bought.

What I got: (I will try and describe the smell as best as i can)
Father Christmas- This one smell a bit like candy floss. As this bath bomb fizzes away, it leaves your bath a vivid green!. People say if you like this bath bomb you'll love snow fairy. So I'm guessing I'm going to have to try snow fairy!

Dashing Santa- This one has a citrus smell to it, and has mandarin oil and bergamont oil which will leave you super fresh, also helping to clear the skin.

Shoot for the stars- Now this one you can tell its going to turn your bath all different colours, this one again has a fresh citrus smell to it.

So white- This one says it has an apple sent, and you can definitely smell it with a hint of rose flower. This one I would say, is a fresh scent.

Candy Mountain- This one is another sweet smelling one, and is a bubble bar and will turn you bath pink! It kinda smells of ... those mushroom sweets anyone remeber them?

Snow angel - This one is a bath melt which will leave you skin super soft and glittery, as it does include coco butter.

Golden wonder- Now this one I've been wanting to try - I can already see it will turn your bath a different colour and this one is also super glittery. This one had an in between smell - Sweet and cirtusy.

Yog Nog- Ooo just smelling this one makes your mouth water, toffee with a hint of spice.

Cinders- Its says it's a hot fruit punch smell, which includes some popping candy just reading that, makes me excited to use this one .

The Experimenter- I know this isn't a chrimassy one, but I just had to pick it up, as I saw it in the oxford street lush and wasn't sure but this time as I've see different hauls and reviews about this one, I thought why not. - This one to me smells a bit sweet with a hit of musk.  You'll just know this one will turn your bath all colours!

The only thing I didn't pick up was the snow fairy shower gel which they only had the big ones not the small (sad face) and a few other baths bombs/melts as I didn't really like the smell.

I can't bare to use these because they all smell so goood! and not forgetting the snow angel- looks so pretty and glittery, you just know this one will go everywhere. I think this bath melt will be amazing before a night out.

What is your favourite Christmas lush product or bath bomb? 

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